Build a residual income working from home

Save Money by shopping online

Create a chemical free home

Promote a clean environment

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for life"

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Hexa will help you to:

Start your own home business

  1. No risk
  2. No major capital outlay
  3. No carrying of stock
  4. No bad debts
  5. Part time or as a supplement to your retirement


Save money by shopping online

  1. Excellent world class products
  2. Discounted prices to regular shoppers
  3. Money-back guarantees


Create a chemical free home

  1. Products are bleach free
  2. Products are child safe

Promote a clean environment

  1. Materials are mainly organic
  2. Packaging is kept to a minimum





Why take this opportunity with Hexa


When purchasing a product from a supermarket up to sixty percent of the selling price to you is made up of premises, marketing, storage, staff costs and packaging. (See Australia Bank report)


Purchasing directly from the manufacturer allows:


  1. Quality products
    As a result of saving the costs listed above, the manufacturer is free to spend more on scientific research to provide top quality products at competitive prices.
  2. Commissions
    Cost savings also allows the manufacturer to pay commissions to their customers for referrals and registration of new customers. 


There is no capital outlay, no holding of stock, no collecting of debts and no expensive accounting normally required to run a business. 

A small registration fee is all that is required to start your own home business and generate an additional income.


Why Hexa? 


Why should you register through Hexa and not go directly to the supplier?


Hexa will provide help, at no extra cost, in the following:


  1. Assist you with training:
    We are part of a team with amazing resources to help with many forms of training.
    On-line conferencing and presentations are available from experienced partners that have been in the business for decades.
  2. Create new opportunities for you
    Hexa will help with the generation of leads.
  3. Provide a structured environment
    Our aim, with your assistance, is to establish representatives  in each major centre.
    Leads generated in that centre will be passed to a local representative to handle.
    The representative will contact the leads and assist them through the process of registration and setting up there own home business.

    Helping each other achieve our goals is supported by the entire philosophy of our supplier.


What are the products?

Our supplier has a comprehensive range of:

  • Nutritional products
  • Medical supplements
  • World class Beauty products
  • Bleach free Household cleaners
  • Essential Oils
  • Bath and Body products



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